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Drivers Circle

Current Rally Drivers

Skye Romanoff

Founder- California Rallycross Association. Driver #561 & #57 PA/MA

Hi guys! I am the Founder and President of the California Rallycross Association. My goal is to provide resources, education, media coverage, and sponsorships to all drivers and organizers within our grassroots, rallycross community.

Scott McLean


2005 WRX. Started out as a drag racer who went to drifting then to rally then drifting then back to rally because it was too much fun! Something about all that dirt 🤣

Eric Garcia

#242 MA

Clinton Padilla

#556 Prepared 2WD

2019 Toyota TRD86 Started RallyX in 2022 after many years in MotoX. It all started with driving my daily driven 86 and got hooked! I love the challenge a RWD brings. Shoutout to Marty with the Terra Rally Crew for helping me!

Dave Gallant

#19 Class: 4 Wheel Drive

Competes in the BC Rallycross Championship, Canada. I'm a member of the IRSA @rallyinterior located in the Okanagan Valley. Shout out to the notorious @sbrcc in the lower mainland!

Jordan Blanco

Co-Founder- California Rallycross Association. #56 MA
RallyCross 6021-denoise

Co-Founder of the California Rallycross Association. I have been involved with rallycross since 2011. Looking forward to a great 2023 season!

Nathan R. Vorhes


2005 WRX V8 STI swap. New aspiring rally driver!

Brad Dumas

#69 MA

2005 WRX. Motor: Bredbuilt v2.1 longblock with supporting mods. Suspension: King 1.5"lift springs, ST control arms & pink struts -Gearbox: Heavy duty front axles, 4.44 gear ratio, stage 2 clutch -Interior: Coolshirt system, Evo2 Seats and 4 pt harness

Robert Rogers

#3 SA

Drifting Nissan's since 2013. Rally-X "on and off" since 2016. Tendency to blow engines on track because "Redline" is a "state of mind", and I push very hard when a fast time is on the line.I run Stock AWD class because I have a better chance of keeping my engine together.

Jon Heaton

#106 MA
image0 (4)

Married with one son any day now! Full time firefighter, amateur race car driver. I also track an NB Miata #106, MA.

Brandon & Nicole Pierce

#125 PA

Rallycross couple with our first rallycross car, a 2022 WRX! We are based out of SoCal with Rodnoc Racing, and just starting to run with NorCal too for CRS points! Very excited to be part of this awesome community and join CRA.

Sanjay Singh

Car #679 PF
RallyCross 4632-denoise

California Rally Series Rallycross Liaison. SCCA Rallycross Safety Steward

Jose Resendez


Dory #27

Frank Nides

#77 PA

Started driving in August of 2022. Drive a 2011 Subaru STI

Derek Hill

#612 PA
image0 (2)

2014 Subaru WRX

Kent Mason

#79 SF

2019 Stock Veloster N

Dan Rehart

#924 MA

2004 BMW X3. Been driving Rally cross in Stock All for 5+ years. Won the CRS Stock All points championship last year, 2022

Daniel Gibbs

#714 SA

2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness

Anthony Orantes

#13 MA

2015 Subaru WRX -Modified AWD CA State 2019/20/21 Stock AWD Champion NorCal Rallycross 2017/18/19/20/21 Stock AWD Champion Northwest Rally Association 2022 Modified AWD Turbo Champion 2nd place

Olivia Kettler

#15 PA

I started going to rallycross events last year. I had a blast at each event I made it to. I'm really glad to be part of this amazing community, and I look forward to meeting more people out there on the dirt.

Tyler Matalas

#825 ARA NA4WD Class
image0 (1)

1995 Subaru Impreza LX

Eric Ford

#44 PA
image0 (3)

2017 WRX STI Limited Monster

Eric Sinclair

#74 SA

Started racing with my son in Stock AWD in 2022 with a 1999 Subaru Outback Sport I dragged out of a redwood pile. Looking forward to the excitement of the 2023 season in my much newer 2007 2.5i, which I will also be racing in Stock AWD.