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Marysville#1 FX Motorsports Track

Marysville FX Motorsports Track

Date: April 20 and 21, 2024

Sponsor: Fluidampr

Special Guests: Courtney from @WRXN_CJ 

Host: Hosted by the California Rallycross Association 

Welcome back to Marysville! The smoothest and quickest track in Northern California. Please join us for our first Norcal and Marysville RallyCross event. Similar to last year’s night rally, you will be driving twice around the course to count as one run. So yay, all the seat time!  

Event Run Down

We have moved to a completely online system. All of our events will provide a payment option online, via PayPal. Due to payments on site taking longer, this is a quicker and more convenient way to register. All you have to do day of the event is sign in with the waiver / check in with timing (Skye). Late registration (day of / didn’t sign up on here) will incur a $20 fee instead of the $10. Please register and pay on here so we can get you driving sooner.

This is an SCCA sanctioned event held in accordance with current SCCA RallyCross rules. You must be an SCCA member or have to pay $15 for a weekend membership per SCCA rules.

April 20th is a normal RallyX, while April 21th is NorCal RallyX and CRS NorCal RallyX Series points. 

The goal is 5 runs per day, with two laps around the course to count as 1 run. We are hoping for 6. There is no 5pm shutoff time, so more laps or fun runs are possible. Constructor (Crosscarts, UTV, & SxS) class entries are determined by a case by case basis due to safety concerns.

8am: Course open for walking / check in
9:15am: Drivers Meeting- Mandatory for all. You must be checked in by this time. Failure to attend drivers meeting means you cannot race that day.
9:15am: Cars on grid / First car out
Noonish: Lunch
1:00pm: Race resumes
Sunset: Day finished. Sunday: Raffle prizes and podium announcements

Run groups will be announced before the event via email. Keep in mind that run groups are dependent on how many people are in each class. We can’t have 20 drivers on grid and only 5 course workers.

This event is sponsored by Fluidampr. Vouchers will be raffled off! Similar setup for raffle prizes as previous events. Racers work the course more, you get more raffle tickets (aside from working once as required). Raffle tickets are $5 if you want to increase your chances and are administered for Sunday only. Trophies are TBD. 

Marysville does not charge for camping. You are welcome to camp Friday and Saturday night. Please email with estimated arrival time and nights you want to camp. Sunday night is open too, if you feel the need to rest. Marysville FX Park is gated, however you are responsible for your belongings while out there. Please do not drive the course at night! Yes, this is a fun track but please don’t for your safety.

In a nutshell: there are no helmet rentals (2015+ required) and please don’t start a fire. We will do tech on grid, however please take your 10mm out of your engine bay before you come over. Please do the self tech located on the SCCA page and click on “RallyCross Self-Tech Form.”

Reach out to us if you have any questions!